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Should I hire a filmmaker for my travels?

You and your friends are going somewhere special and you're thinking "I want to hire a filmmaker for my travels". Well you're probably not, because this Film My Vacation service doesn't really exist elsewhere, so if you have thought about "hiring a filmmaker for my travels" you are pretty well ahead of the curve. 

It's no doubt that this will be a trend with the accessibility of technology. Travel videos have flipped on its head the last 3 years. Nowadays it's plausible to bring on a filmmaker on your travels without it being intrusive as now you can just bring on one of our "one-person-film-crews" and you don't need a whole crew of people. You wouldn't need someone carrying the audio boom pole, big lights, and heavy cameras that require an exoskeleton for stabilization...or a helicopter to get that nice aerial shot. (Hint* a drone that can fit in your purse)

So jump ahead of the curve and do ask yourself "do I want to hire a filmmaker for my travels?" and if you think it's worth exploring, let us know!

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Awesome concept!

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