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I have vacation plans, but I have no idea what kind of video I want.

Give us a call or shoot us some details. Who's going? What's the occasion? What're your plans? We'll shoot you some ideas as well as some samples that may speak to you.

How many days in advance should I book my video?

1-3 weeks in advance minimum. If you have an inkling of when your vacation is, reach out right away. We are all freelancers. We shoot for a couple days then we spend weeks editing, so our schedules can be pretty flexible, but the earlier we know the better!

I'm not going on vacation, but I have a video proposal. Do you do other types of videos?

We are all storytellers, so we get our high off of a good idea. Let's chat!

I'm so lost. I need to organize a vacation or a trip with my friends / company / clients. Can you help?

Ok ok, we can try our best there too. Tell us who's going, and what you're looking for. We've been in the travel industry long enough, and also know what looks good on camera.

How much preparation do we need?

Even though we are filming candid moments, we'd like to prepare as much as possible. We think it'll be best to have at least two meetings. One to figure out the style, and one to hash it out. Our filmmakers will guide you through this.

When will I receive my edited video?

Editing projects really vary. It depends how many people are involved in the post-production process and the filmmaker. It should not take more than a month.

How many revisions do I get?

You get one mid-point check-in, to make sure the music and the direction of the video is to your liking, and two revisions at the end. Anything after that will be billed according to the filmmaker's day rate.

Do I own the rights to my video?

You have the right to use the videos for personal use. Your filmmaker and FMV retain the copyright of the videos. If you'd like sole exclusive rights or rights for commercial use that can be discussed.

Will FMV ask for permission to share my videos?

We'd never show our footage without your permission. However, we'd love to show our finished product to the world. If you'd prefer that the finished product be made 100% private, that would be an additional 10% of the total cost.

Will I receive all of the unedited videos or raw files?

While we would love to provide all of the unedited or raw files, the magic happens after the editing process. Think; quality vs. quantity! If you want more than one video, that can be arranged and at a discount too.

We are having an amazing time! Can we extend our vacation with FMV?

Of course! As long as the filmmaker is available.

What if I want to film for two days, take a few days break, then film again for 2 days?

Sure, that can work! Let's discuss together.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is 40% of the total fee. Cancellations must be done 3 weeks in advance for a full refund of the deposit. If cancellation is between 1-3 weeks, you'll receive 80% of the deposit. If it is within one week of your vacation, the full deposit will be taken. Rescheduling works the same as cancellations but at 25% the penalty.

I want to propose to my girlfriend/boyfriend/partner! Can you help me make it happen?

Yes! We will help you plan out every step along the way. If you want it to be a surprise, we'd make sure to keep it a secret and get all the best angles of the big moment, or you can just have us come along for the journey and pretend it's any other FMV trip.

In what format are the videos delivered?

Your high-resolution 1080p (4K upon special request) videos will be delivered in .mp4 format.

In what format are the photos delivered?

Your high-resolution photos will be delivered in .jpg format.

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