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Pick your filmmaker.

How much your filmmaker is involved with your day to day is completely up to you.


Each filmmaker brings their own top of the line visual and audio equipment. 4K mirrorless cameras, drones, stabilizers, GoPros, etc. 


We founded the company, and there we have a large network of filmmakers working in the travel & lifestyle industry around the world. At the moment, we'd like to work with a few clients ourselves, and develop a detailed best practices guide, before we tap into our network. 


Therefore, meet Arthur & Maryea as they talk about themselves in 3rd person. 


Has been filming exclusively as a one-person film crew, capturing candid beauty since 2015, through 35 countries and 80+ short films. As a backpacker, and a former Oracle sales professional, he gets along with everybody easily and quickly. He always has his camera around and it's easy to forget he's busy crafting his next masterpiece.

Package: $500 / day for shooting. $8000 for edited video.

Gold package

Double the people, double the gear, double the coverage.

Also, includes:

  • Live social media updates. We'll create savvy Instagram / FB stories on the spot. 

  • Photography

$600 / day. $10,000 for an edited video. 


Has worked with Arthur since July 2018 and together they have filmed for clients in 6 different countries. She has learned just about every trick up Arthur's sleeve, especially since they spend 24/7 together. Oh yes, they are dating too, and they are both obsessed with visual storytelling.

Package: $250 / day for shooting. $4000 for edited video.

Copper Package

Like shooting, hate editing? Dropbox us your video files. Answer a questionnaire, and we'll make the most out of what you got.


$1500 a video. 

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